4 August, Feast Day of Saint Sithney, Friend of Mad Dogs and Englishmen

04 08 09 breakfast Today is the Feast Day of St. Sithney, a rather mysoginistic character. As the Patron Saints Index informs us,

“A Breton legend says that God chose Sithney to be the patron of girls seeking husbands; the saint begged off, saying he would never get to rest, that he would rather take care of mad dogs thanĀ women. Sounded like a good idea to the Almighty, and ever since, sick or mad dogs have been given water from Sithney’s well as a tonic.”

Silly man.

I’d prefer the company of women any day, myself….

Breakfast this still-cool lingering a.m. comprised a snippet of garden-fresh rosemary bedding a lamb chop morsel, several slices of red onion and purple potato; half a cinnamon-raisin bagel and a strong cuppa volcanic coffee….

It was pretty satisfying and light, actually.

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