4 August, Feast Day of Saint Sithney, Friend of Mad Dogs and Englishmen

04 08 09 breakfast Today is the Feast Day of St. Sithney, a rather mysoginistic character. As the Patron Saints Index informs us,

“A Breton legend says that God chose Sithney to be the patron of girls seeking husbands; the saint begged off, saying he would never get to rest, that he would rather take care of mad dogs than women. Sounded like a good idea to the Almighty, and ever since, sick or mad dogs have been given water from Sithney’s well as a tonic.”

Silly man.

I’d prefer the company of women any day, myself….

Breakfast this still-cool lingering a.m. comprised a snippet of garden-fresh rosemary bedding a lamb chop morsel, several slices of red onion and purple potato; half a cinnamon-raisin bagel and a strong cuppa volcanic coffee….

It was pretty satisfying and light, actually.

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  1. thank you for this seemingly trivial information. I am writing a fantasy-semi autobiographical fiction combining my some 50 years of my experience living here plus history, sociology, politics, geography, romance etc. Yes, written in long hand in Japanese! It will not sell well because there is no sex nor violence in it, ha, ha. 20 August 2009, St. Louis, MO

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